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For Dance Education

At Dance Studio London we are committed to delivering quality, industry- relevant and progressive dance education in schools. We believe arts education should be creative and enriching, but most importantly inclusive. We embrace these ideals by ensuring we deliver exceptional teaching, attainable scholarships and diverse opportunities to experience, learn, achieve and succeed.


Dance Studio London


I am very proud to introduce Dance Studio London - specialist dance provision for schools and colleges.


With over twelve years experience across a diverse range of schools and colleges as a Teacher, a Principal and the Head for a Contemporary Arts Awarding Body, Dance Studio London was always a project of passion. After delivering arts education at both ends of the spectrum in the UK and then around the world in places such as Mexico, Vietnam, Malaysia to name a few, it has always been incredibly important to me that we, as teachers, create opportunities for our students to access arts education.

Accessing quality arts provision will not only enhance a student's day to day learning experience, but instill social skills and a sense of inclusion and community, developing and exercising valuable life skills through creativity. I have seen first hand the positive impact and joy arts education brings to people, and those people and experiences have inspired me to create Dance Studio London - opportunity and creativity for all.

Dance Studio London offers a diverse and expansive range of services in the arts education sector to schools and colleges, from preparatory to sixth form. Dance Studio London is committed to providing high-quality dance and performing arts education for students of all ages and abilities. We aim to build on fundamental, transferable skills such as confidence, socialisation and discipline, all of which are aimed at supporting and enhancing the learning experience.


With our dedicated team of dance and theatre education specialists, we can ensure each learner receives industry relevant, inspiring and inclusive access to dance and performing arts education. By offering a bespoke curriculum and a range of classes, qualifications and performing opportunities, we are confident we can not only inspire and engage learners, but we can empower those learners and

support the learner in other aspects of their education.


Francesca Denton


Principal - Dance Studio London




Surrey, United Kingdom

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