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Beginners Tap Dance

Wednesday 7:45pm - 8:00pm via Zoom 

(Zoom class links will be sent to your email before your first lesson)


Tap is a rhythmical form of dance and a genre that never fails to impress audiences. Tap Dance can be combined with many styles such as Musical Theatre, Jazz and Street, meaning Tap is a favourite genre of dance for many dancers.


Throughout the term students will learn a variety of different steps, styles and techniques to create a show stopping routine! 


This is a very fun, technical and upbeat dance class, everyone is welcome!



Complement your tap dance class with modern/jazz dance to strengthen your technique, line and execution of steps

Beginners Tap Dance (Marymount)

  • Please Note - DSL term dates will not always be the same as the school term dates. Please check the school website for school term dates.


    *Autumn Term 2020 

    (11 weeks of dance classes) 

    Starts: Monday 21st September - Friday 23rd October 2020

    Half Term: Monday 21st October - Friday 1st November 

    Starts: Monday 2nd November - Friday 11th December 2020 


    *Winter Term 2021

    (10 weeks of dance classes) 

    Starts: Monday 11th January - Friday 12th February 2021

    Half Term: Monday 15th February - Friday 19st February

    Starts: Monday 22nd February - Friday 26th March 2021


    *Spring Term 2021

    (11 weeks of dance classes) 

    Starts: Monday 12th April 2021

    Bank Holidays: Monday 3rd & 31st May

    End of Term: Friday 18th June 2021 


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