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Private Lessons (LIVE)

Monday - Sunday 


Private lessons can be booked with any Dance Studio London dance teacher and can focus on any dance genre DSL provides.


Students and parents can request to focus their private lessons on any area of dance they would like to improve upon. The most common request for private lessons is to focus on technique, examination or show work, audition and solo choreography, or absolute beginners lessons. Private lessons can be very effective and can provide students with a steep approach to learning a dance genre and the technique needed to execute it well. 

Private Lessons (LIVE)

  • The following Terms and Conditions are agreed to upon purchasing products or services from Dance Studio London.  


    Dance fees must be paid in advance of the class and can be paid termly or half termly through the Dance Studio London website. All payments must be made to Dance Studio London and are non-refundable. Classes that are missed can not be refunded or carried over. If fees late and paid past the termly or half termly cut off date a 10% late fee on all classes will be incurred.


    Dance Studio London has a zero tolerance policy in regards to verbal abuse or unreasonable behaviour from students, parents or customers. If staff or the company encounters such behaviour the company reserves the right to refuse to continue to engage with the customers, parent or students without notice or a refund.


  • Dance Studio London has two payment options: Termly or Half Termly


    Half Termly

    If you choose to pay half termly the terms fees will be calculated and halved enabling you to make two payments. The first payment will be due at the beginning of the term and the second payment during the half term break.



    If you choose to pay termly, one payment will be due at the start of the term to cover the whole terms dance lessons.


    In some cases the Half Termly option will not be available on the website. Please contact for more information.


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