Competition Team

Junior Team (Grade 6, 7 & 8) Wednesday 4:15pm - 5:45pm

Senior Team (Grade 9 +) Wednesday 5:45pm - 7:15pm


The Competition Team is open to all students however, students are required to take atleast two additional technique classes a week to join the Competition Team. 


With guest choreographers and complex choreography, students will need to be technically strong to keep up with the speed of the competiiton teams, this is only achieved through regular technique classes. 


The Competition Team will prepare choreography in a variety of dance styles including Musical Theatre, Jazz, Contemporary, Commercial and more. Students will be given the opportunity to compete and perform a diverse selection of dance routines at various events throughout the year. The team goal is not necessarily to take 1st place at an event, but to empower students to be creative, versatile and develop their confidence as a performer. 


The Competition Teams are always very popular and require a high level of commitment from the students. Parents should be aware of the following additional expenses they may incur before signing up to the competition teams:


- Competition entrance fees (approx £20 - £60 per competition)

- Squad uniform (approx £100) 


Students will prepare choreography for atleast one term before being entered for a competition or performance opportunity. Solos, duets and trios can be choreographed through a scheduled private session

Competition Team (Marymount)

Payment Methods
  • Term Dates 2019/ 2020

    Please Note - DSL term dates will not always be the same as the school term dates. Please check the school website for school term dates.


    September - December 2019 (11 weeks of dance classes)

    Starts: Monday 9th September 2019*

    Half Term: Friday 18th October

    Starts: Monday 4th October

    End of Term: Friday 13th December 2019


    January - May 2020 (16 weeks of dance classes)

    Starts: Monday 13th January 2020*       

    Half Term: Friday 14th February       

    Starts: Monday 24th February

    End of Term: Friday 3rd April

    Starts: Monday 20th April

    End of Term: Friday 29th May 2020



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