R.A.D Intermediate Ballet 

Thursday's 5:00pm - 6:00pm


Graded and Vocational dance classes are perfect for dancers wanting a strong foundation in technique. All qualifications hold credits and are equivalent to GCSE and A-Level at the higher levels.


Ballet is a highly technical form of dance and has been globally influential defining the foundations and techniques used in many other dance genres making it an essential genre for every dancer.


During this class students will learn Classical Ballet technique, placement, line, musicality and how to apply these skills to the graded Ballet exercises as well as to dance in general. Students will quickly build on their vocabulary of key steps through a Classical Ballet structure including barre work, adage, petit allegro, pirouette and grand allegro which all contain essential steps for any style of dance.


Students will have the opportunity to put their skills to the test and enter a Royal Academy of Dance examination before moving up to the next grade. R.A.D certifications are globally recognised qualifications and carry UCAS points at the higher grades. Please visit the R.A.D website for more information.



Combine your Ballet Dance class with Modern Dance to maximize performance, technique and versatility

R.A.D Intermediate Ballet (Marymount)

  • Term Dates 2019

    Please Note - DSL term dates will not always be the same as the school term dates. Please check the school website for school term dates.


    Starts: Monday 4th March 2019

    End of Term: Friday 29th March 2019

    Starts: Monday 29th April 2019

    End of Term: Friday 24th May 2019


    Dance classes will not take place on the following dates and will be rescheduled to June:


    Rescheduled:Monday 6th May & Monday 27th May Bank Holiday

    Rescheduled:Wednesday 8th May & Thursday 9th May Shakespeare Festival

    Rescheduled:Tuesday 14th May - Friday 17th May LAMDA Exams


Surrey, United Kingdom

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