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Precipice Dance Company

Friday 3:15pm - 5:15pm


This Winter, DSL will produce its first full dance show, Alice In Wonderland. 

If you want to be part of this magical show, sign up and join us in the studio for weekly rehearsals where we will prepare to venture down the rabbit hole! 


Everyone is welcome to join the Precipice Dance Company. Attendance to rehearsals are key to producing a successful show, please make sure you can attend all rehearsals before signing up to take part. 


Covid-19 Live Performance Notice 

DSL will not be holding live performances until further notice. All future performances will be streamed from the theatre or presented as dance on film.


Parents should be aware of the following additional expenses they may incur before signing up to the Precipice Dance Company. Show fees will be approximately £80 - £100 per student. This will cover costume, venue and staff hire. Tickets are not included in the show fees.


Precipice Dance Company (Christ's)

  • Please Note - DSL term dates will not always be the same as the school term dates. Please check the school website for school term dates.


    Autumn Term 2020 

    (13 weeks of dance classes) 

    Starts: Monday 14th September - Friday 23rd October 2020

    Half Term: Monday 26th October - Friday 30th October 2020

    Starts: Monday 2nd November - Friday 18th December 2020 


    Spring Term 2021 

    (11 weeks of dance classes) 

    Starts: Monday 11th January - Friday 12th February 2021

    Half Term: Monday 15th February - Friday 19th February 2020

    Starts: Monday 22nd February - Friday 1st April 2021


    Summer Term 2021

    (12 weeks of dance classes) 

    Starts: Monday 19th April - Friday 28th May 2021

    Half Term: Monday 31st May 2020 - Friday 4th June 2020

    Starts: Monday 7th June - Friday 16th July 2021

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