Stars Of The Future Dance Competition 

Jubilee High School Theatre, School Lane, Addlestone KT15 1TE

The schedule and times will be confirmed by the organisers 1 week before the event. 


In order to take part in any competition students must sign up for the competition team *next term and attend all dance rehearsals. All dancers are required on Sunday 12th January for a competition team rehearsal. The Sunday rehearsal will take place 10:00am - 4:00pm at Marymount School and is compulsorary for every dancer.  


*Please note - Marymount Senior Competition Team classes will be moved to Wednesday's 5:45pm - 7:15pm from January. 


Dance numbers being entered for Stars Of The Future Dance Comeptition

- Sing, Sing, Sing (Christ's School)

- Crown (Christ's School)

- Seven Nation Army (Marymount Junior Team)

- If You Could See Me Now (Marymount Junior Team) 

- Celine Solo x3 (Christ's)

- Chanel Solo (Christ's)

- Ava Solo (Christ's)

- Micol Solo (Christ's)

- Nicole Solo (Christ's)

- Freya Solo (Christ's)

- Elizabeth x2 (Marymount)


Competition Entry Fees & Costs

Competition entry fees are set by the competition organisers, all fees are non-refundable or transferable. Fees will vary depending on each competition. All competition fees will include:

- Additional Weekend Rehearsal 

- Costume Hire


To secure the dancers entry for the Dance Competition it is important we register the students asap therefore, we would like to kindly ask you to sign up as soon as possible and before Sunday 15th December so we can secure your daughters entry.  This is an optional event and students will be able to continue with their normal dance lessons if they choose not to take part.


All dancers must have the Squad Jacket and Pro Leotard as a minimum for competitions. More information and pictures of the team uniform can be found on the online store. 

Stars Of The Future Dance Competition

Team Uniform
Size Required
  • The following terms and conditions are agreed upon purchase or sign up of any comeptition event with DSL.

    To ensure the team is prepared for the competition students agree to attend all rehearsals when signing up for any dance competition. If a student fails to attend all rehearsals they may be pulled from the upcoming comeptition without refund. 

    Students must provide their own basic costume including tights, leotards, make up and hair kits. DSL will provide the costume, if the student is not prepared on the day of the competition this may lead to the student being pulled from the routine without a refund. 

    It is the parents responsibiliy to organise transport to and from the venue. 

    All students are expected to were DSL uniform to and from the venue. 

  • Stars Of The Furture Rules
    When entering Stars of the future UK ( SOTFUK) competitions , you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions below , including time limits and that there is no refund , credit or transfer on any entry into SOTFUK competitions, regardless of the reason , including medical. By entering SOTFUK , you agree that all the rules are final.

    1. Your place in the competition is not secure until full payment has been processed. All entries must be entered by the deadline any entries received after the deadline will be considered at our discretion.

    2. All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult with a DBS or their parent.

    3. All academies must have their own public liability insurance , SOTFUK are not responsible for any claims for damages , loss or injuries sustained while taking part in any activity related to SOTFUK competitions.

    4. We hold a zero tolerance of verbal abuse to any staff members of SOTFUK and anyone failing to follow these rules will be asked to leave the competition and will not receive a refund.

    5. SOTFUK reserve the right to add or take away additional days to the competition.

    6. By entering SOTFUK competitions you are giving permission for your images to be used in our promotional materials and shared on social media.

    7. Communication with the judges is strictly prohibited and will result in disqualification.

    8. The judge’s decision is final.

    9. All music must be provided in advance of the competition and a back- up on MP3 /Ipod /Ipad be provided in case of any technical issues.

    10. A competitors age will be from the 1st of the month of the competition date.

    11. Duos /Trio/groups is taken from the oldest dancer age goes by the oldest dancer.

    12. Men are not allowed in the female changing areas under any circumstances.

    13. Although we will endeavour to stay on schedule SOTFUK has the right to run ahead or behind .

    14. Programmes will be emailed to all academy principals in advance of the competition please ensure you have either a digital or hard copy on the day as these will not be available to purchase.

    15. Please leave the changing areas as you found them and damage /mess made by your school will result in a cleaning or damage charge.

    Students must make their own way to and from the competition venue. Times will be confirmed nearer to the event.

    Sportsmanlike behaviour is a must. Each participant and spectator are expected to treat all entries with the respect. 

    Spectators are only allowed to enter and exit the auditorium at the end of a routine. You are not permitted to leave whilst an entry is onstage. Cheering and supporting the entries is very welcome.

Surrey, United Kingdom

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