Dance Conditioning, Fitness and Flexibility Online

Wednesday's 3:15pm - 4:15pm via Zoom


Dance conditioning is one of the most important classes any dancer could take. This class works on fitness, strength and flexibility, very important elements in any genre of dance. One of the most common misconceptions is that a dance class will train your body to be insanely flexible and strong as well as learn dance steps, choreography, artistry, technique and everything else! Actually, if you want those beautiful high kicks and the effortless flexibility and strength to do the most impressive of dance moves, you have to train your body through Dance Conditioning.


In this class students will work on exercises and routines designed to target strength and flexibility. This class won't be easy to start with but it will be so worth it for those brave enough to stick with it!



Combine Dance Conditioning with Acro Dance to push your skill, flexibility and strength to the next level!


Dance Conditioning, Fitness, Flexibility (LIVE)

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