Associates Ballet, Pointe and Classical Conditioning (Double lesson)

Monday 5:30pm - 7:00pm via Zoom 

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Ballet is essential to building a strong technical foundation in dance. Come enjoy the beauty of classical ballet! 


The Associates Ballet Class is a syllabus free class focusing on technique, repertoire and performance. *Pointe work is an element of this class for those that have advanced to pointe work however, not all students will progress to pointe and this decision is made by the teacher. 


Associates Ballet is an open class for students at a Grade 6 Ballet level and above.  


* Extensive training and practice is required to develop the strength and technique needed for pointe work. A student's age, experience, strength and alignment is considered before they are allowed to progress to pointe work. DSL will contact the parents directly when the teacher feels a student is ready for pointe shoes. Please do not buy pointe shoes for your daughter in preparation for this class.



Complement your ballet class with contemporary to help with your style and performance skills.


Associates Ballet, Pointe and Classical Conditioning

Payment Methods
  • *Autumn Term 2020 

    (10 weeks of dance classes) 

    Starts: Monday 28th September - Friday 23rd October 2020

    Half Term: Monday 21st October - Friday 1st November 

    Starts: Monday 2nd November - Friday 11th December 2020 


    *Winter Term 2021

    (10 weeks of dance classes) 

    Starts: Monday 11th January - Friday 12th February 2021

    Half Term: Monday 15th February - Friday 19st February

    Starts: Monday 22nd February - Friday 26th March 2021


    *Spring Term 2021

    (11 weeks of dance classes) 

    Starts: Monday 12th April 2021

    Bank Holidays: Monday 3rd & 31st May

    End of Term: Friday 18th June 2021

Surrey, United Kingdom

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