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Associates Jazz - Middle School 

Wednesday 5:30pm - 6:30pm


Jazz Dance is a staple style for any dancer and will enable you to become a versatile and technical performer. 


Throughout the term students will  focus on drills and combination steps in order to build the repertoire, style and technique to execute the most advanced dance steps.  

This is a very stylish and technical class, everyone is welcome from beginners to advanced dancers. 



Complement your Associates Jazz Dance class with Dance Conditioning to push your dance tricks and skills to the next level.


Associates Jazz - Middle School (ACS)

  • ACS, Cobham - Winter Term 2021/2022

    January - March 2022

    (8 weeks of dance classes)

    Starts: ​Monday 17th Januray - Friday 18th March 

    Half Term: Monday 14th February - 18th February

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