Associates Ballet & Pointe Prep Class via Zoom

Thursday's 5:15pm - 6:45pm 


Ballet is a staple genre and provides the technical foundation that will carry through to all other dance genres and styles. No matter if its a classical production or a contemporary ballet adaptation, the beauty and poise is always at the heart of ballet and a genre that never goes out of fashion.  


The Associates Ballet Class is a syllabus free class focusing repitoire and performance. Associates Ballet Level 2 is pitched at a difficulty level of Grade 4 - Grade 6.



Combine your Ballet class with Contemporary to help with your style and performance skills.


Associates Ballet & Pointe Prep (LIVE)

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£9.00Sale Price
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  • Live Dance Classes 2020 

    (8 weeks of dance classes) 

    Monday 30th March - Friday 22nd May 2020




Surrey, United Kingdom

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