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Jazz Dance is a staple style for any dancer and is regularly used to bring sparkle and pizzazz to the stage and screen through performances such as Chicago, A Chorus Line, West Side Story and anything that the great Bob Fosse created.  Jazz Dance is full of stylized movements and sharp lines and will really help you become a versatile and technical dancer, so dust off your top hat and heels as this class is a must!


Throughout the term  students will learn to many variations and genre combinations of Jazz Dance to ensure students become versatile and confident performers. The class will focus on a routine for a number of weeks, adding to the same routine each week to create a finished piece ready for the stage! All students will have the opportunity to perform their routines at the end of term showcase.


This is a very stylish and technical class, everyone is welcome from beginners to advanced dancers.




Combine your Jazz Dance class with Musical Theatre to help with your musicality and performance skills.


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