Due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, the DSL team is 100% committed to delivering high-quality dance classes to aspiring dancers online. As we know in a time like this routine, exercise, remote socialising and laughter can make all the difference. Therefore, we have put together an online dance program for the next eight weeks to give students the opportunity to continue their training and stay connected through live dance lessons.



LIVE Dance Classes 

Due to popular request DSL are running daily dance classes throughout the Summer Holidays for next eight weeks via the online video platform Zoom

We are going back to basics and offering technique classes in the core theatre dance branches. All dance classes are open to students age 11years +. All abilities are welcome to join in and perfect their skills whilst focusing on a strong sense of technique and repertoire


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LIVE Dance Classes Delivered Through Zoom

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, DSL will be delivering all dance classes live, through Zoom, an online video conferencing platform.  


Upon Signing Up for a DSL LIVE dance class, a Zoom registration link will be sent to you within 24hrs. This link will be valid for the full 8 weeks of LIVE dance classes. Students will need to download Zoom in order to participate. Please find more information below;


How to download Zoom 


Zoom is available for all major operating systems, devices, and tablets. 


  1. Desktop | Windows | Mac 

  2. Smartphone | Android | Apple 


Getting started with Zoom


Zoom provides helpful tutorials and quick-start guides if you need additional help. 


  1. Getting started with Zoom

  2. Frequently asked questions

Online Dance Teachers 

We are very lucky to have such an established and diverse faculty at Dance Studio London, covering all our school locations. All DSL staff are friendly, supportive and from professional dance and education backgrounds ensuring all students receive the best technical and musicality training.

Faye Gibson

Professional Dancer & DSL Teacher


Francesca Denton

Principal of Dance Studio London

Royal Academy of Dance

Ella Young

Professional Dancer & DSL Teacher

Northern Ballet School

Maddie Lee

Professional Dancer & DSL Teacher


Sian McIntyre

Professional Dancer & DSL Teacher


Priscilla Binnersley

Professional Dancer & DSL Teacher





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