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Dance Classes Terms & Conditions

Please note that by booking a class, event, workshop or course with Dance Studio London, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. 

Dance Classes

Terms & Conditions​

Please note that by booking a class, event, workshop or course with Dance Studio London Group Ltd, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions and your booking is subject to the following terms and conditions.


​We reserve the right to cancel classes and events at short notice due to unforeseen circumstance, and we will make every reasonable effort to inform you as soon as possible.

We will make every effort to contact you should an artist or teacher be indisposed at short notice. We reserve the right to offer a substitute teacher if the regular advertised tutor is unavailable or unable to teach at short notice. In this instance, where the class goes ahead with a recommended substitute teacher, no refund is eligible to class participants.



​Families who have multiple children from the same household taking classes with Dance Studio London Group Ltd are eligible for a 10% discount off each additional child's fees.


​Please allow at least 10 minutes to register before the start of each class or event. Every effort will be made by Dance Studio London Group Ltd to admit late comers at a suitable break, but this may not always be possible. To prevent injury, participants are not able to join a class or workshop if they are more than 15 minutes late. No refunds are eligible in this instance.



Your Safety

Classes may be physically strenuous and participation is voluntary, based on a participant’s own assessment of their fitness, health, ability to participate and understanding of the class requirements, activities and expected outcomes. Dance Studio London Group Ltd shall not be responsible for participants’ actions or for any injury, damage to property or other loss unless caused by the gross negligence of the organisation.

Participants are responsible for ensuring one’s own physical and mental health for, during and after classes including injury rehabilitation and general post-class care.

Please inform Dance Studio London Group Ltd or the class tutor if you have any injury or condition that would limit your ability to take part in your class. If you would like to discuss whether a class is suitable for you prior to booking, please call 0207 101 47833 to have a confidential discussion with one of the team.

Observers in our classes

​Unfortunately we're unable to allow observers in our classes except for when a participant is accompanied by a carer.

Age restrictions

​Some of our events or classes will have specific age restrictions, due to the nature of the event or class. These will be marked clearly on our website and marketing materials. Admission may be refused where these are not observed.

Photography and filming

​Occasionally Dance Studio London Group Ltd, or an authorised third party, will photograph or film at a DSL event or performance for publicity and archive purposes. By booking to one of our classes or events, you consent to photography and/or filming for these purposes. We will always let you know in advance when this is taking place. If you have any concerns or wish to withdraw your consent, please email

Consent to film and take pictures of students that attend dance lessons with Dance Studio London Group Ltd will be clearly asked for when signing up your child for regular dance classes.

Unless by prior agreement, no photography or filming is permitted at our events or classes.

Participatory Projects

​If a participatory project or class concludes in a performance, we will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible of rehearsal and performance dates, and it is expected that you should inform us in advance of any occasion that you are unable to attend. For your own safety and the safety of others, Dance Studio London Group Ltd has the right to ask you not to participate if you do not attend regular rehearsals.

Payment Methods

​Dance Studio London Group Ltd want’s to ensure dance classes are accessible for every student. We therefore offer two payment options; Half Termly or Termly.


Half Termly

If you choose to pay half termly the terms fees will be calculated and halved enabling you to make two payments. The first payment will be due at the beginning of the term and the second payment during the half term break.



If you choose to pay termly, one payment will be due at the start of the term to cover the whole terms dance lessons.


Payments and Fees

​Fees are paid in advance per term to secure your place, please note some classes have waiting lists.


Dance fees will be due at the start of each term (and in the middle if paying Half Termly).


Fees will fluctuate from term to term depending on the number of weeks in a term.


Fees must be paid in advance of classes. If fees have not been paid students will be refused entry into classes.


If Dance Studio London Group Ltd cancels any classes for any reason the class will be rescheduled or refunded.


If payments are late there will be a 10% admin and late charge on top of the total fee.


Fees are subject to change at the beginning of the academic year



​Unless otherwise stated, dance courses are only available to purchase as a block of classes, and the cost of individual classes or events missed due to illness or holiday cannot be refunded or transferred.


Parents Responsibilities

  • To make sure all contact details are up to date by completing the online registration form before you enroll with the dance school. Please provide several contact numbers in the unlikely case of an accident.

  • If a student is required to take medication whilst participating in dance activities, parents/carers should take full responsibility and ensure teaching staff are properly informed.

  • To make sure students attend class with the uniform specified and not a variation. All uniform can be purchased via our online shop.

  • Hair is to be of an appropriate style for the class, a classical ballet bun or neat ponytail. Students will not be allowed to dance with their hair down, with incorrect uniform or inappropriate footwear.

  • Please ensure that all students are collected on time at the end of their class by a parent or carer. Please notify the teacher at the start of the class if someone else will be collecting your child. If you are going to be late the student will remain in the studio with the teacher until you arrive. If the student has permission to leave the studio on their own the parent needs to give explicit permission through the online registration form.

  • Please ensure our staff are aware of any medical conditions or learning difficulties that may need special support.



  • Students will be entered for examinations when the teacher deems the student is ready.


Uniform Rules

We are very proud of our students and we expect them to be proud of the uniform they wear.


The uniform and general good grooming is an integral part of Dance Studio London Group Ltd. discipline and forms an essential part of preparation and focus for class. As such, class uniform is mandatory after a student’s first half-term of attendance.


For graded examination classes the regulation uniform for each examination board (I.S.T.D, I.D.T.A and R.A.D) is mandatory for classes as well as the examination.


As students progress from juniors to seniors the uniform will mature and change with them. We hope this will instil a sense of pride in moving up to the next class, creating a tangible, visible difference. It also keeps the uniform clean and neat.


We ask that DSL uniform is bought through our suppliers in order to ensure consistency from one students uniform to the next as any uniform for graded examinations that is not identical to the uniform we specify can not be accepted for examinations.


Dance Studio London has a zero tolerance policy in regards to verbal abuse or unreasonable behaviour from students, parents or customers. If staff or the company encounters such behaviour the company reserves the right to refuse to continue to engage with the customers, parent or students without notice or a refund.

Please note - Due to the nature of teaching performing arts it is sometimes necessary to correct positions physically. This is always conducted with the utmost care and professionalism. If you have any concerns or questions please speak to your teacher or contact head office:

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